Innovative Teachers' Companion
A teachers' diary for primary and secondary education that incorporates a vast range of educational ideas and literature on classroom practice. The Companion is in its fiftheenth edition (2017) and is helping educators across Australia and New Zealand prepare stimulating lessons to challenge the students in their classroom.

Laurie Kelly - Mindworks 'Teaching that Excites...'
Laurie Kelly is the director of Mindworks, a professional development company working with corporate and individual clients to improve work and personal skills. Laurie has been opening up the mysteries of the mind to audiences from all walks of life for more than 14 years. He presents workshops such 'Flexing the Mental Muscle' and 'Stress Hardiness - Maintaing the Balance'.


Tony Ryan - Head First Pty Ltd

Tony Ryan is a professional speaker, author and publisher. As manager of his training and publishing company, Head First Pty Ltd, he consults to educational and corporate bodies throughout the world on innovative thinking and life-long learning. Tony presents workshops such as 'The Magic of Learning' and 'Practical Pedagogies'.

QAGTC - Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children Inc.
The QAGTC is an open association of people who share a common interest in gifted and talented children. Members include families of gifted or talented children, people in all branches of education, people in allied fields and people with specialised interests such as music, art, mathematics, etc.