Eric Frangenheim is author of the following publications. Eric presents workshops in schools, universities, government departments and companies using strategies from his books.


Reflections on classroom thinking strategies
10th Edition (2012) reprinted July 2014
Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies  by Eric Frangenheim
Practical strategies to inspire thinking in your classroom (P - 12)

Be inspired to enrich your classroom teaching practice by implementing the thinking strategies outlined in the Teaching and Thinking Framework.
Over 30, 000 copies sold in Australia and New Zealand. 5000 published in Mandarin
Sage Publishing (UK) has secured the international printing and distribution rights (apart from Australia and New Zealand).
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The Reconciliation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Reconciliation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Eric Frangenheim. Only available as an E-Book
An exciting and innovative unit that explores what might have happened to Goldilocks after her 'invasion' and 'vandalism' of The Three Bears' house (Primary)
This reconstruction of the traditional story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Bears' provides a comprehensive, step-by-step teaching plan and framework for planning further units. Students are asked to critically analyse the basic elements of this tale and reconstruct a future scenario involving the process of reconciliation, re-education and communication. This approach ensures that primary students can explore the ramifications of relationships whether they are within a family, class or the wider community.

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Innovative Teachers' Companion
Innovative Teachers' Companion
A primary and secondary teachers' diary that incorporates a vast range of educational ideas and literature on classroom practice
Co-authors: Eric Frangenheim, Gerard Alford and Paul Herbert (Co-directors of ITC Publications Pty Ltd)

ITC Publication Pty Ltd's philosophy is that the classroom is a place for active learning, where students are challenged with and inspired by a range of cooperative and cognitive strategies to successfully engage higher order thinking.

The Companion, now in its fourth edition, is helping innovative educators throughout Australia and New Zealand prepare stimulating lessons to challenge students in their classrooms.

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ITC Thinking Skills Framework A1 size poster
New resource for classroom walls

The ITC Thinking Skills Framework poster (A 1 Size) – a rationale for the use of different thinking tools and different levels of thinking in the classroom.
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The ITC Publications office is situated in Toowoomba, Queensland.
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